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Since 2005, the Lifeline has been working with people who have had “suicidal experiences” like you, which we refer to as “persons with lived experience of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.” We refer to persons who previously tried to kill themselves as “suicide attempt survivors”. Through listening to their stories and supporting their recovery, we have learned that we can be the most helpful to persons who are currently suicidal and/or who have survived attempts when we–loved ones, clinicians and fellow survivors– find hope together.

Throughout this website, you’ll find stories from attempt survivors who have made it through their darkest hour. Some of these stories and resources are for families, friends, and clinicians who want to support people who are feeling suicidal and/or suicide attempt survivors. You can also read a timeline of Lifeline’s central role in the movement to include the voice of suicide attempt survivors in their care and in our field, in general, which highlights some of the ways that a diverse range of people and organizations have come together to prevent suicide.