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This collection of resources is curated specifically for attempt survivors, their families and clinicians to find help, hope and learn about the power of peer support.

Resources for Getting Support After a Suicide Attempt

**NEW** A Journey Toward Health and Hope: Your Handbook for Recovery After a Suicide Attempt

This handbook helps guide people through the first steps toward recovery and a hopeful future after a suicide attempt. It includes personal stories from survivors who share their experiences as well as strategies, such as re-establishing connections and finding a counselor to work with.

Suicide Survivors: Hope Lives Here

Recovering from a suicide attempt is not easy, it takes time to heal both physically and emotionally.  This site is here to help you begin to answer some of the questions about how to start down the path to recovery.

Now What Do We Do?: The Emotional Impact of Suicide Attempts on Families

The trauma that follows a suicide attempt affects everybody. This guide helps family members understand how to best support their loved one.

Therapist and Support Group Finders

It can be hard to know where to find a therapist or a support group. These online directories can help you find a psychologist, psychiatrist or support group near you.

Safety Plan

Having a plan in place can keep you safe during difficult times after a suicide attempt.

Warning Signs

Knowing the warning signs for suicide will help you know when to reach out for help.

What Happens Now: A Blog By Attempt Survivors

This blog was created by the American Association of Suicidology to share that suicide can happen to anyone and that it’s possible to recover, or learn to manage, and move on.

Inspiring Stories of Hope

Videos: Stories of Hope and Recovery  

Told through the voices of attempt survivors, their families, and the professionals in their support network, each inspiring story recounts one person’s journey from a suicide attempt to the life of hope and recovery.

Live Through This

This is a collection of portraits and stories of suicide attempt survivors, as told by those survivors.

Can You Hear Me Now? New Voices of Attempt Survivors 

This groundbreaking panel was presented at the 47th annual conference of the American Association of Suicidology in Los Angeles, CA on 4/11/14.

Best Practices for Helping Attempt Survivors

The Way Forward

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention’s Attempt Survivor Task Force published groundbreaking recommendations that gives voice to suicide attempt survivors and bridges the gap between suicide attempt survivors, clinicians, hospital policy makers, and suicide prevention leaders.

Video: #WayForward: What Attempt Survivors Are Saying About

This video is a compilation of attempt survivors who are explaining what they need from the suicide prevention community in order to lead the way forward.

Video: Why Supporting Attempt Survivors is Critical to Suicide Prevention

In this video, Lifeline Director Dr. John Draper explains why including attempt survivors is important to ending suicide.

Lifeline Service and Outreach Strategies Suggested by Suicide Attempt Survivors

This white paper summarizes key findings to allow clinicians to provide better outreach and services to suicide attempt survivors to meet their recovery needs and help prevent future suicide attempts.

Additional Resources

A Guide for Taking Care of Yourself After Your Treatment in the Emergency Department

This brochure gives support to attempt survivors and discusses how to move ahead after emergency department treatment for an attempt.

A Guide for Taking Care of Your Family Member After Treatment in the Emergency Department

This brochure describes the emergency department treatment process and aids family members in coping with the aftermath of a relative’s suicide attempt.